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Initiated by Amie Macdonald of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY) and Susan Sánchez-Casal of Tufts University/Skidmore College in Madrid, the Realist Pedagogy Group has sought to consider new and innovative means for acknowledging the salience of identity in university classrooms. Drawing from the work of postpositivist realist scholars on identity developed in the collection Reclaiming Identity: Realist Theory and the Predicament of Postmodernism (California 2000), edited by Paula Moya and Michael Hames-García, and contributions to pedagogical theory in Macdonald and Sánchez-Casal’s Twenty-First Century Feminist Classrooms (Palgrave 2002), the Group has organized workshops at FMS events beginning with the Minority Identities and Global Democracy retreat in the Dominican Republic in 2003 and a one-day retreat jointly sponsored by Hamilton College and Cornell University in the summer of 2004. In addition, the Group has facilitated ongoing internet conversations and sharing of pedagogical materials and experiences via the FMS electronic discussion board hosted at Cornell.

The most notable achievements of the Realist Pedagogy Group include the bringing together of faculty at both small liberal arts colleges and large private and public research universities, as well as both graduate and undergraduate students to examine the difficult practical and theoretical issues that arise in considering pedagogy and social identity. Since two of the hallmarks of the FMS project as a whole have been the bridging of divides between small and large institutions of higher education and the fostering of multigenerational intellectual conversation, the Realist Pedagogy Group stands as a model for future FMS projects.






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