The FMS Summer Institute (2005-2010) had two components:

1) a two-week Summer Seminar for 12-15 selected graduate students and postdoctoral faculty; and
2) a two-day Colloquium involving a broad range of FMS scholars from across the U.S. and abroad.

The Summer Seminar was held during the last week of July and the first week of August, and was taught by two senior professors who have co-taught or collaborated previously. The seminar met four days during the week, and included lectures by visiting scholars. Some afternoons and evenings were reserved for seminar participants to present their own work. In addition, there were opportunities for extensive semi-formal contact with the seminar leaders (regular office hours, informal social get-togethers, and film screenings).

The Colloquium took place on the weekend (Friday-Saturday) at the end of the first week of the seminar, and provided the occasion for seminar students to interact with FMS scholars from all over the country. The gathering was organized around one or two keynote talks as well as short focused presentations by participants on key themes related to minority identities, democratic culture, and social justice.

Informal social get-togethers and other opportunities for developing mentoring relationships were included in the schedule for the weekend. Semi-formal communication across generations has been a valuable aspect of all FMS events, and it was a major feature of our summer institutes as well.

Topic for the 2005 Seminar: “Feminist Identities, Global Struggles”

Topic for the 2006 Seminar: “Theory From the Periphery: Minority Struggles for Social Justice”

Topic for the 2007 Seminar: "Intersecting Identities and Social Justice: Realist Explorations"

Topic for the 2008 Seminar: "Thinking Transnationally: Feminist Visions"

Topic for the 2009 Seminar: "Queer Politics in Transnational Contexts"

Topic for the 2010 Seminar: "Identity, Inequality, and Public Policy: Integrating the Humanities and the Social Sciences "


FMS Summer Institute Director and Executive Committee:

The FMS Summer Institute was organized by Satya P. Mohanty, Director of the FMS Summer Institute, in conjunction with a thirteen-member executive committee.



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